The View From Uncher Brew, New Mills

uncher brew new mills derbyshire
Click to enlarge 'View From Uncher Brew' New Mills Derbyshire

Charcoal and coloured pastel. Panoramic view of the town of New Mills in Derbyshire, from a hill locally known as ‘Uncher Brew.’ Swizzels Matlow can be seen on the right, and Kinder Scout in the distance. The viaduct crosses the Goyt Valley, and Union Road Bridge joins the two sides of the town across the gorge known as the Torrs. A wren sits on the fence in the foreground, a buzzard hovers above, and in the distance under the viaduct two llamas can be seen. This piece was drawn as a commission to remember the place and the people in it. Part of my New Mills Art, Derbyshire ArtKinder Scout Art and Mountain Art print collections.

The View From Uncher Brew Art Print


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