Local Collection Information

If you wish to collect larger pieces locally rather than post them they can be collected from The Gallery, an artist led cooperative on High Street, New Mills, Derbyshire SK22 4AL. Local collections will not incur a postage charge but please remember to select 'local collection' rather than 'Paypal' at the pay part of the checkout process even though you will be asked for a billing and shipping address before that! Follow the instructions against the option for payment. Note - the postage charge will only be removed at the end of the checkout process once 'local collection' is chosen. If the process looks too difficult just email me specific details of what you want to order and I will put the order on for you and send you a PayPal invoice or you can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Local collection might be easier for you and may reduce delay particularly at busy times such as Christmas. Please do not attempt to collect, however, until you have had an email from me to confirm that your collection is ready and please check opening times.