Limited Editions

All my fine art paper prints and canvas prints are produced as limited editions, which means I only print a small number of each image. They are not mass produced, and once I have reached the end of the edition no more prints are made. I personally check, number and sign each individual print before it is sealed in protective packaging. As an owner of one of these prints you will be one of only a small number of people to have one, making the piece that little more special. As my prints are limited edition it will help them to retain and indeed increase in value over time.

Unless otherwise stated my edition sizes are as follows - paper prints A4 100, A3 50, A2 50, A1 20 and canvas prints 20 prints in each size.


My etchings are in one size only as detailed on the product listing usually with a maximum of 20 prints or less.

Variable Editions


Some of my etchings are variable editions. This means that a common plate is used throughout, but I introduce additional elements (such as a hand-painted background) that are unique to each individual print in the edition. These are usually produced in much smaller limited numbers (maybe 2 or 3 to a maximum of 20) due to the work necessary to produce each print.