Swizzels Matlow Art Commission

Swizzels Matlow art commission
Swizzels Matlow Art Commission

This Swizzels Matlow art commission is titled 'Swizzels Values'. The original charcoal, ink and acrylic on canvas painting measures 160 x 80cm and was commissioned by Swizzels Matlow, in New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire to hang in the main office of the factory building. Famed for it’s Love Hearts, Swizzels is England’s largest family owned confectionery company, as well as being the major employer of New Mills (my family included.) It is the life blood of our town, and goes some way to keeping gentrification at bay. The company runs on a set of values, which I was asked to incorporate into the finished painting. Taking inspiration from traditional signage on mill buildings I have imagined these words painted onto the factory walls in this Swizzels Matlow Art Commission. Part of my New Mills art prints collection.

Swizzels Values Fine Art Print


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