Peak And Northern Footpath Society

I am a keen walker, and much of my work features the footpaths and iconic signposts of Peak and Northern Footpath Society. The PNFS has been active for well over 100 years, promoting the interests of public footpath users in the North Midlands and North West of England. These art works are a celebration of our right to roam, and an acknowledgement of the great work done by Peak and Northern Footpath Society. The organisation is a registered charity with all work done by a team of volunteers. PNFS volunteers regularly walk and inspect the footpaths within its area looking for problems and reporting them to the responsible local authority.


It then works with the authority to ensure that problems are resolved as soon as possible. It investigates planning proposals ensuring that interests of walkers are taken into account and erects signposts and bridges to help walkers and make the countryside accessible to all.